Rita Hraiz

Visionary artist, ethical clothes designer and teacher of Ageless Wisdom, Rita Hraiz is one of the growing number of women committed to raising planetary consciousness. Her aim is to inspire love in all that she does.

Her work with different Amazonian and North American traditions have led her to recognise the huge surge of consciousness and evolution in humanity that is happening at the moment. It is her passion and life’s mission to understand the relationship between Kundalini and expanded consciousness and pass this information on to others.  

Rita uses her shamanic work and knowledge of teachings gained over the last thirty years to support people in making a pilgrimage back to themselves. To journey deep into their pain, find out what blocks them from living a peaceful spacious life and return to find their place in the world, their self-worth and connection to source. 

“With roots deep in the earth, we can all access the Tree of Life. This teaches us to make strong community connections with ease and flow, allowing abundance and tranquillity to become the bedrocks of life”.


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