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I’m delighted to invite you to a free interview series, being aired from 1-21 March 2021, called The Wise Woman’s Journey – How to grow older as a powerful woman embracing new opportunities, experiencing deep fulfilment and feeling valued.



I’m a featured speaker along with 20 other inspirational wise women who are navigating modern, uncharted wise woman territory on their own terms and supporting other women in the process.




Join us to receive inspiration, support and the transitional steps to take as you explore your options for a fabulous future.


Here’s your link to register. (link)

I’d love to invite you to ‘The Wise Woman’s Journey’, the free interview series being held from 1-21 March 2021.


Join me and 20 other inspirational wise women as we share our experiences and expertise, offering a new narrative on ageing along with tools to help you find new purpose and creative fulfilment during the second half of life.


Your host is Catherine Rowan, a leading Feminine Transformation expert and Wise Woman mentor.


Here's your link to register for the summit and be introduced to the amazing wise women speakers (including me!) (link)


You are in for a treat!


Would you like to take a free 21day journey in March with some fabulous, wise women?

I'm already signed up! Please join me on The Wise Woman's Journey, from 1-21 March.

Each day you will meet an expert guide who reveals new possibilities for your wise woman years.

It's going to be a fantastic three weeks of entertainment, advice, mind opening wisdom and generous support to help you achieve your wise woman hopes and dreams.

I am a featured speaker. Here’s your link to learn more about this free interview series and join the adventure. (link)


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